Why You Should Hire a History Major

Skills are said to pay the bills. Most employers choose to hire people based on skills and not just what their major is in college. Although quite a number of companies would actually seek manpower within a certain pool of skilled workers judging primarily on face value like the applicant’s major in college as well as the university they have graduated at.

Your undergraduate education is a training ground for the real world. It’s definitely a jungle out there – and you need to be a lion to survive it. That is the purpose of having a college education and you must choose your degree well to suit your skills and current job demands. You acquire transferable skills while in school and that is what your employer is expecting you to transfer on the job.

History majors have great career opportunities and are well-adept with a number of skills and qualities like writing and communication, analytical and problem solving, research, grammar and comprehension, ability to work alone or in a group, and independence with tasks; among others. More so, people with history degree are pretty flexible and can handle voluminous amounts of data for analysis.

These are exactly the skills that employers are looking for in the people they hire. Companies are mainly looking for potential goldmines or assets that will grow and benefit the company over the long haul.

Here are the top reasons why you should hire a history major:

  1. History majors are efficient storytellers. They create compelling narratives that will make you appreciate the present by looking back into real and relevant accounts of history.
  2. Students of history know how trends go in circles and in waves. Trends usually involve people, places, and events. These are essential elements at work and someone who knows the importance of time-stamped statistics will know how to forecast and even react on varied market or business trends.
  3. Have good research skills. They can obtain and analyze data in a consistent manner. They stop at nothing until they get the information they need.
  4. Knows how to logically handle arguments. They are challenged by arguments and react by presenting accurate reports, framing timely questions, doing rebuttals, and developing solutions.
  5. Detail-oriented. Puts importance on accuracy and consistency of data.
  6. Ability to develop effective and sound solutions. Can create timely and realistic solutions based on diverse sources, cultural and social significance, trends, time periods, and world views.
  7. Raw approach. Can provide a fresh take on recurring problems.
  8. Self-Starter. Highly-organized, dependable, and can create a system to analyze and interpret data.
  9. Curiosity doesn’t kill the cat this time around. History majors put curiosity and inject intuitiveness in research to benefit the company.
  10. Ability to disseminate or relate information using a clear and demonstrative language. Great with oral and written conversational skills that can win clients and bring more investments in.
  11. Can screen facts. When faced with vast amounts of data, History majors are able to efficiently weed out and determine what is relevant from what is not. They put emphasis on conciseness and coherence of information.
  12. Knows how to summarize in a breeze. Give them tons of information and they can give you a blow by blow account in a summarized form.
  13. They think long-term. When faced with lingering issues, History majors know how to create solutions that will be beneficial over the years and not just for a short period of time.
  14. Well-adjusted and adaptive. History majors are able to adapt to new trends and jargons common to your given niche or industry.
  15. In-depth knowledge on international relations. Lovers of history are knowledgeable on international relations and the diversity of culture and politics in different countries which will help businesses engaged in international trade.
  16. Able to identify vital data. They evaluate sources before using these on reports and nip the irrelevant sources and stick to facts.
  17. People-oriented. History majors are able to relate with diverse personality types that have come from different cultural mixes and historical backgrounds.
  18. Results-oriented. One quality that most companies look for in a successful candidate is one who is a go-getter and would deliver accurate and fast results right on the dot.
  19. Flexibility in handling tasks. Some people hate to read and understand content from thick historical books that could be very lengthy and time-consuming. One man’s trash is another’s treasure indeed because history majors are pretty flexible in doing tasks and would love to do jobs that other would avoid.
  20. Great memory retention. This could be a popular stereotype for history majors but is completely rational. Remembering chronological events, dates, names, and other details is quite typical of a history major. This is beneficial for people working in complex management systems that need a sharp and robust memory for day-to-day operations.

Hiring a history major is definitely the best decision you could make for your business. The above reasons solidify this claim as history majors are known to be creative, cognitive, and precise which are hireable and trainable traits. Most history majors possess that enthusiasm and passion for work that can spell a huge difference on making it big in any given industry.