Why is it Good to Have an Invisible Dog Fence for Your Frat House?

While contemplating on what course to take up in college, a lot of incoming freshmen are also thinking on whether to join the Greek life – or not. Having a fraternity or joining a brotherhood is said to be part and parcel of socialization once you start college. Living in a frat house certainly is an appealing option but you must be up and ready for what to expect in a frat house.

It will certainly be jam-packed with testosterone as you squeeze in with around 20 to 100 brothers in a frat house. Greek life means a lot of parties and strengthened connections among brothers. If you like it private and quite, the frat house option may not be for you. It costs around $200 to $800 to live in a frat house with in-house chefs to serve meals.

Having a Frat hound is an important part of tradition in living the Greek life. He is likened to the Frat mascot and represents the idealism and personality of a fraternity. Most often, the preferred breeds are that of the Great Dane, Labrador, and German Shepherd – one may be fun and social while the other is rough and athletic. Installing an invisible dog fence is an important part of safeguarding your pets and being a responsible dog owner. A receiver collar is placed around the neck of your dog and once it gets too close to restricted boundaries, the collar beeps. Whenever your dog ignores the beep, it receives a static correction which irks them to move away from the wireless fence. Check out the benefits of installing an invisible dog fence for your frat house:

  • Cheaper option than a traditional fence. A wireless or invisible dog fence usually costs around $500 or even less at DIY shops. This is cheaper as compared to regular fences that would cost thousands of dollars to install.
  • Reliable containment for your frat hound. Traditional fences won’t contain your dogs as they can bite into it, jump over it, or even dig under it. Dogs have their uncanny ways of getting past restricted boundaries; but your frat hound can’t do that with a wireless fence.
  • Flexible to use on any landscape. This is very easy and practical to install even in odd landscapes like under water or even in rocky terrains.
  • No need for leashes or chains. You do not need to fasten a leash on your dog. This allows your frat hound the freedom to roam the frat grounds while also providing a protective barrier or invisible containment.
  • Portable. This can be installed and brought right about anywhere. You can use this especially when you and the rest of the brotherhood has to travel with a dog in tow.

Installing an invisible dog fence for your frat hound certainly serves its protective and aesthetic purpose as well. Wireless fences won’t block your view like a traditional fence while also safeguarding the premises and your dog. The only challenge with wireless fences is that it requires some training for your dog to understand limitations and be able to respect boundaries set on the frat grounds. To make sure you get the best invisible dog fence for frat house, make sure and check out online review sites.