Why History Majors are the Best

Gone are the days that History majors would be dubbed as boring or bunk. There are a ton of myths surrounding the study of History but recent studies have shown that it is actually taken up mostly by students who have the highest acumen. History is in fact dubbed to be the “King of Undergraduate Studies”. More so, History majors are donned to be the brilliant breed and the coolest at that.

Studies have shown that your major can actually be predictive of your intelligence – and History majors are classified amongst the smartest. It may not be the most popular option but maybe not everyone can really keep up with the clever pace it requires.

Check out the factors that make History majors the best breed:

  • Versatility in career choices. “Those who can’t do – teach.” Not History majors though. The most common misconception about History majors is that their only option is to teach but a lot of history majors have been very successful with diverse careers for history majors. They actually have the most career options because of their experience and exposure to the teachings of History. 1This is a very versatile major because it is both a science and an art which deals with society, human behavior, economics, science, languages, and arts; which sums up every known course in a university. In fact, a recent study conducted by Vanderbilt, shows that around 30% of History majors are in the business sector. This course is also a solid preparatory for Law school as well as in media, publishing, and corporate sectors.
  • Not just the typical “Liberal Arts”. First off, there is nothing wrong with taking up Liberal Arts as a major. This teaches you life skills that you can use in the real world. It trains you in the cognitive levels to make analysis, research, do problem solving, empathize, and communicate. More so, Liberal Arts majors have also increasingly outperformed contemporaries from business, engineering, and other more so-called practical courses.
  • Well-rounded individuals. History majors are well-respected because they have come to understand and grasp a holistic knowledge of the world in different times. This is said to be a suitable stepping stone if you want to go into politics, law, business, journalism, social services; and the like.

There is a preconceived notion and expectation for History majors and that is very challenging to live by. They are considered smart and an all-rounder or that which is eloquent and can carry out conversations like a charm and be able to tell fascinating stories in writing. History majors are the best because they have that innate ability to captivate, stimulate, and even intimidate without even knowing it or trying to. They are not into cheap talk or hard-selling of what they are capable of.

History majors are learned, exude confidence, and are extremely versatile in their chosen industries. The society definitely needs History majors who are in the know of how the society has evolved from then and now and are willing to repeat history or innovate when necessary.