Top Fashion Must-Haves On College Campus

While you want to pack on the basics when going to college – it’s high time for you to snap out of your comfort zone, get creative, and curate your wardrobe essentials. Remember that the key element to fashion when in college – is anything but boring. It would help to cue in on the fashion trends when mapping out what to include in your closet but a few innovations here and there can make you survive freshman year and stand out in a crowd.

college fashion

You might have saved up a lot from your summer job and prepping a to-buy list as early as now; but before you spend it all, you must check out my list of top-fashion must-haves on college campus:

  • Flip-Flops – Pack on a fashionable pair of flip-flops that you would be using all the time while in the dorm. Choose one that is comfortable yet stylish enough that would get you prepared for day-to-day and even if you hit the pool or beaches for surprise parties.
  • “Little Black Dress” – Well, it shouldn’t necessarily be “black” but it’s an elegant and classic color that would go anywhere from a college dorm party or even when attending formal college function. Pack 2 to 3 dresses that would go from casual to formal. Choose colors too that would be flexible for day-time and night-time partying or attending college affairs that need you to dress up for the occasion. You can choose neutral tones like beige or black plus more fun colors like pinks or blues.
  • Walnut Wood Wayfarer Sunglasses – Never leave home without a pair or two of stylish Walnut Wood Wayfarer Sunglasses that are built to protect your eyes from extreme lighting and also to keep you looking stunning on campus. For only $25, you wouldn’t go wrong with this designer piece that is lightweight and classically designed, making sure all eyes are fixated on you.
  • “White Dress Shirt” – Yes, this is pretty traditional but an essential and classic addition on your wardrobe list. This fashion must-have can take your look from professional to basic in a single sweep. This would be your go-to attire for casual interviews or for going out shopping with your sorority girls. The options are limitless with this fashion piece. You can never go wrong with a white dress shirt that you can pair up with almost anything that you already have like denim shorts, pencil skirt, black dress pants, or khaki trousers.
  • Ballet Flats Ballet flats are a staple wear in college that you can pack on in different colors to suit your laid-back yet busy lifestyle that will keep you on the move without getting your feet sore and red from stilettos and what-not. Although yes a stiletto is worth a place too on your dorm, these cute ballet flats will be your feet buddy on a daily grind while keeping you pretty in rigmarole of wardrobe changes.

Needless to say, prepping your fashion essentials on college campus is just as stressful as applying for college. Where do you scour for top fashion advice? How much do you need to get started on that wardrobe makeover? Now, reality is you have limited space in your dorm room – so you’ve got to make each wardrobe piece count. Yes, eliminate the deadweights and snag the best pieces that speak more of your fashion sense rather than just following the crowd.

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