Most Fashionable Must-haves for Christmas

Excited to give her a Christmas gift but not sure what’s in style? Go through these items to watch this Christmas, and get her exactly what she needs to boost her style in the new year.

Most Fashionable Must-haves for Christmas: Pajamas

For the girl who loves to hear bedtime stories, or the lady who enjoys her tea and book in sleepwear, get a warm and stylish pair of pajamas. V by Very has a short sleeve kimono satin pyjama set both original and comfy, with wide sleeves and loose pants for maximum effect.

Most Fashionable Must-haves for Christmas: Perfume

For the adventurous girl, get her what you know she wants. Get her pheromone perfume from RawChemistry.  This will be a Christmas gift guaranteed to make her smile.

Most Fashionable Must-haves for Christmas: Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is the final polish, the finishing to any make-up. The Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy lip gloss collection comes in practically every shade of pink, mauve, red, maroon, nude (Google what you’re not sure of). A set of just the right colors are sure to delight her–and she’ll always need them!

Most Fashionable Must-haves for Christmas: Lingerie

Supportive and comfortable lingerie is more than just a luxury for women–it’s a necessity and a blessing. Make your lady happy with the Wacoal Women’s Ciao Bella balconette bra, designed for natural beauty enhancement. Show her that you love her natural beauty and form with this gift!

Most Fashionable Must-haves for Christmas: Scented Candles

The lady of the house is sure to be bustling around, making sure the house is prepared for any holiday visitors. What better gift could you give her than scented candles from Brooklinen? It will brighten her day with fresh and smooth fragrances.

Most Fashionable Must-haves for Christmas: Cellphone Case

It’s almost New Year’s, and the end of the year is when people make the most changes and decisions. Celebrate her past year or help her welcome in the new year with a Zazen Bear cellphone case she would love.

Most Fashionable Must-haves for Christmas: House & Kitchen Items

What every woman wants to dress her table is a set of matching linen napkins. Grab a set from La DoubleJ, in her favorite color or in something that matches the Christmas spirit (and the furniture!) You are sure to make her vacation.

Most Fashionable Must-haves for Christmas: Books

Is she a bookworm? Let me tell you a secret about bookworms–they never have enough books. Ever. Especially if they see their favorite book in a brand-new hardcover print edition. Go for the Penguin hardcover classics of Jane Austen, Charlotte Brontё, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, or whomever she loves.

Most Fashionable Must-haves for Christmas: Jewelry

Let’s not forget that there are many ways to a woman’s heart, but accessories are a gigantic part of them. Urban Outfitters has a set of Elizabeth Climber earrings that are sure to attract. Set a date and dinner, and make sure she knows you look forward to that day she can wear your gift.

It’s Your Time to Make Her Shine

Christmas is the opportunity you cannot miss. Let her know how much she means to you, how well you listen to her, and how much you love her, just with one of these simple, thoughtful, and sweet practical gifts.