Best Things to Bring to the Dorms to Make Your Room the Popular Room

Your clamor for independence has a due date – and the calendar shows it’s just a matter of days. Going away to college kickstarts your transition to becoming a responsible young adult and it’s an entire new landscape to explore. You’ll discover then that college dorm life is entirely different from being next to your older brother’s bed or a corner away from mom’s bedroom.

Now, you’re playing on a bigger field with a whole different ballgame. While most people will tell you that dorm life is like living in a shoebox with an all-rounder emotional and mental contagion going on, you’ll discover that the whole rollercoaster ride is what will shape you into the man you want to be when you get to go out in the real jungle.

In college, you get to brand yourself and join packs that will bring out the best and even the craziest fiber in you. Don’t leave out the fun in college by getting the coolest stuff when you move in to your crib in the university. Here are the best things to bring to the dorms to make your room the popular room:

  1. Eraser Board Refrigerator. Offer unlimited soda in can to your guests with this mini fridge that also allows you to express yourself and personalize by doodling or writing messages right in front which you can erase outright. You can take note of school schedule reminders or right about anything you want. This is a very convenient and stylish way to keep your food fresh and beverages cold. Invite friends and serve ice-cold drinks while chilling or having a study group. It’s only about 3.2 cubic feet so it’s pretty lightweight and compact that it can easily fit right into your dorm room.
  2. Mini Coffee Maker. Serve hot coffee, hot chocolate, tea, or even iced beverages with this coffee brewer that you can prepare for under 2 minutes. This has a minimalist and compact design that is perfect for small spaces like dorms. You can now serve hot or cold drinks whenever you feel like – and this a great conversation-starter too. The smell of aromatic coffee will certainly jumpstart your mornings while prepping for school.
  3. Foosball Table. It’s time to unwind and de-stress after a long hurdle at school with a good game of foosball right at your dorm room. This is a great activity that will build rapport and also promote exercise and relaxation without the need to go out of the campus. You can check out foosball table review guides to get a feel of the best foosball table that will fit your space and budget considerations.
  4. Beer Kegerator. It’s a perfect device to keep your beer chilled and fresh for room parties or chilling on a weekend. This is a cool addition to your dorm room that is designed to complete your mini bar. Keep your beer choices diverse and interesting.
  5. Video Game Consoles. Nothing beats a rowdy game of the Xbox One or Playstation 4 played right at your dorm room. This is a fun diversion to get your adrenaline and testosterone pumping while enjoying the whole game innuendo with your roommate or while hanging out with buddies after school. This is a great match with beers from your keg and a mouthwatering box of pizza.
  6. Noise Canceling Headphones. This definitely comes handy when you are reviewing or studying for a class. When sharing a room, there are times when your roommate would be doing something loud and you happen to have an exam the next day. It would be inconvenient to just leave at this point; so this type of headphone can drown out the noise and allow you to concentrate on studying without being rude.

College dorm life is a time to meet new people and socialize. More than anything else, it’s that phase in your life wherein you get to break away from your shell one piece at a time and yet emerge a better and more equipped individual – that’s what college is about and a whole lot more in between. Yes, it’s a complicated maze but you get to figure things out your way and at your own pace. With the coolest stuff right in your dorm, it’s almost impossible not to be popular. Get ready for your freshman year by packing the essentials and also the coolest gadgets and appliances that will make your college dorm stay a blast.