Best Appliances for College Students

Summer is about to end which means you need to pack up and prepare for college. This is a time to break away and create your own identity – that’s what going away to college is for. More so, college is all about yanking the chains and focusing on the goal of getting the degree you want without sacrificing your desire for independence.

Packing for college needs a lot of preparation especially because this is practically the first time that you will be living independently or away from your parents and siblings. Sure enough, you’ll be going through a lot of adjustments and while this is something that you can get used to – you need to be ready for the college jungle with a complete survival kit and the tools that will help you cope with the challenges of college dorm life. Along with the basic things you need to pack, you would also need a number of small appliances that will help you get by on a daily grind.

Check out my list of the best appliances for college students:

  1. Cool Mist Humidifiers. Ward off the dry climate with the use of a cool mist humidifier. Choose an ultrasonic cool mist humidifier with Whisper-Quiet features that will ensure silent operation that won’t disturb your roommate. This will actually be beneficial to both you and your roommate because this will help keep the moisture levels on a healthy range to prevent infectious diseases from spreading as well as to keep allergies and respiratory illnesses at bay. Most dorms have small and tight spaces; compact humidifiers will certainly fit and mesh well with your existing furniture and other appliances. Its cool mist or vapor will help promote good and restful sleep so you will be energized for the next day when you go to school. Each cool mist humidifier has its own special features, make sure and research to find the best cool mist humidifier for your needs.
  2. Compact Refrigerator. Every college student regards the mini fridge as a necessity to bring in dorms because this provides a safe storage area for food and beverages to keep it fresh especially if you need to store meals that will be microwaved the next day. This prevents spoilage of food. Choose a fridge that has more compartments but is compact enough to fit in small spaces.
  3. Coffee Machine. This appliance is beneficial for students who are attending classes early in the morning or when burning the midnight oil when reviewing for exams. Check if there are coffee machines available in your dorm; although investing in your own coffee machine is far convenient than waiting for your turn to use a common or shared coffee machine.
  4. Having your own television set at your dorm room would be a great way to keep yourself in the loop of things or be in the knowhow of current events both on a local and national level. More so, watching TV would be a great form of entertainment and is both mentally and visually stimulating. This could however be a distraction to your studies when you are unable to control or manage TV viewing habits. You can watch your favorite TV shows, news, weather updates, and movies when you roll in a TV on your dorm room.
  5. Trust me, this is not a splurge – it’s a necessity. Whether you’re craving for popcorn on a weekend movie marathon or all-nighter with buddies or cooking lasagna – you will need a microwave as a cooking ally for quick meals on-the-go. Being away from college does not mean being away too from good old home-cooked meals. You can prepare hot, quick, and savory meals in a few minutes with a compact microwave that is a surefire must-have to survive dorm life with hearty sumptuous meals to get by.
  6. Steam Iron. While this could appear to be the most random and boring item on the list, this is absolutely a necessity for college students. You wouldn’t want to look sloppy on your first day of school or any day with a wrinkled tee. You will need this for making sure that your wardrobe is creaseless and presentable especially when you get to apply for an internship interview. You will need a professional image that’s flawless from the bottom up.

Moving away to go to college and staying in dorms should be an exciting part of the college adventure and not a mundane chore. View this as a rite of passage to adulthood. You get to have a smooth transition with the adjustments and all of being away from home with packing the necessities and the best appliances that you will need to get you all prepped up for the next level. Opt for compact or small appliances that won’t leave you shortchanged specifically in functionality and durability while blending seamlessly with the rest of your appliances in tow.