Most Fashionable Must-haves for Christmas

Excited to give her a Christmas gift but not sure what’s in style? Go through these items to watch this Christmas, and get her exactly what she needs to boost her style in the new year.

Most Fashionable Must-haves for Christmas: Pajamas

For the girl who loves to hear bedtime stories, or the lady who enjoys her tea and book in sleepwear, get a warm and stylish pair of pajamas. V by Very has a short sleeve kimono satin pyjama set both original and comfy, with wide sleeves and loose pants for maximum effect.

Most Fashionable Must-haves for Christmas: Perfume

For the adventurous girl, get her what you know she wants. Get her pheromone perfume from RawChemistry.  This will be a Christmas gift guaranteed to make her smile.

Most Fashionable Must-haves for Christmas: Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is the final polish, the finishing to any make-up. The Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy lip gloss collection comes in practically every shade of pink, mauve, red, maroon, nude (Google what you’re not sure of). A set of just the right colors are sure to delight her–and she’ll always need them!

Most Fashionable Must-haves for Christmas: Lingerie

Supportive and comfortable lingerie is more than just a luxury for women–it’s a necessity and a blessing. Make your lady happy with the Wacoal Women’s Ciao Bella balconette bra, designed for natural beauty enhancement. Show her that you love her natural beauty and form with this gift!

Most Fashionable Must-haves for Christmas: Scented Candles

The lady of the house is sure to be bustling around, making sure the house is prepared for any holiday visitors. What better gift could you give her than scented candles from Brooklinen? It will brighten her day with fresh and smooth fragrances.

Most Fashionable Must-haves for Christmas: Cellphone Case

It’s almost New Year’s, and the end of the year is when people make the most changes and decisions. Celebrate her past year or help her welcome in the new year with a Zazen Bear cellphone case she would love.

Most Fashionable Must-haves for Christmas: House & Kitchen Items

What every woman wants to dress her table is a set of matching linen napkins. Grab a set from La DoubleJ, in her favorite color or in something that matches the Christmas spirit (and the furniture!) You are sure to make her vacation.

Most Fashionable Must-haves for Christmas: Books

Is she a bookworm? Let me tell you a secret about bookworms–they never have enough books. Ever. Especially if they see their favorite book in a brand-new hardcover print edition. Go for the Penguin hardcover classics of Jane Austen, Charlotte Brontё, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, or whomever she loves.

Most Fashionable Must-haves for Christmas: Jewelry

Let’s not forget that there are many ways to a woman’s heart, but accessories are a gigantic part of them. Urban Outfitters has a set of Elizabeth Climber earrings that are sure to attract. Set a date and dinner, and make sure she knows you look forward to that day she can wear your gift.

It’s Your Time to Make Her Shine

Christmas is the opportunity you cannot miss. Let her know how much she means to you, how well you listen to her, and how much you love her, just with one of these simple, thoughtful, and sweet practical gifts.

Best Vacation Spots for College Students

If you’re like any other average college student, you could me contemplating and brainstorming now on where the best spots are for Spring break vacation. Well, let’s pretend you’re not average, and you’re a travel guru – where would your instinct lead you now?

Sure, you want to take time off from the books and the rigid school schedule but with all these cool places that you could go to plus your bucket list, the danger would be you’d rush into things and get burned. Sometimes the popular option might not work for you. You would need an expert travel guide to show you the way. Here’s our checklist of the best vacation spots for college students that could give you an idea of where you should head to this Spring break:

  1. Unleash the party animal and beach bum in you when you go to this travel destination which takes just a couple of hours travel time from United States. The Caribbean hotspot will keep you engaged with daytime water activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, or swimming alongside whale sharks. Come nighttime, there are numerous bars along the beach lines that will keep you entertained all night long. If you’re craving for an authentic Mexican dining experience, then you’re in for a treat.
  2. Gulf Shores. If you are the sun and sands type of traveler, then this is the place to be. Alongside Orange beach, Gulf Shores is certainly a tropical paradise and a favorite spot for many beach and water sports enthusiasts. It has a warm climate and is a home to a rich wildlife. You can go river cruising, kayaking, hiking, and admire roster of birds like pelicans and get to play with dolphins. It also boasts of year-round festivities like the Mardi Gras, National Shrimp Festival, Annual Songwriters’ Festival, and Gumbo Key; to name some. Find you an awesome condo rental on Golf Shores beach, and spend a few weeks soaking up the rays.
  3. Myrtle Beach. The 23-mile stretch of pristine white sand beaches at Daytona certainly attracts a long line of beach enthusiasts worldwide. It has beachfront parks with restrooms, picnic areas, and boardwalks perfect for family or corporate travels. Also, if you are a NASCAR fan, this is also home to the Daytona International Speedway which holds the Daytona 500 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series held annually. If you are a lover of past memoirs then you would love the Ponce De Leon Lighthouse and Museum. You would also have fun while learning science by visiting the Marine Science Center which showcases the Nature Trail, Mary Keller Seabird Rehabilitation Sanctuary, and Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Development. If you want to experience top-of-the-line dining and shopping experience then go to the Beach Street with shops that sell books, clothes, antiques, and jewelry.

Traveling is investing in experience which is essentially timeless. These top three places above happen to be the most popular choices of college students who are on Spring break and would love to unwind and relax on the best Spring break vacation spots around. Whether you are in need of a relaxing and luxurious vacation or traveling on a budget, there are numerous sites that offer the best packages especially for first-time travelers.

Top Fashion Must-Haves On College Campus

While you want to pack on the basics when going to college – it’s high time for you to snap out of your comfort zone, get creative, and curate your wardrobe essentials. Remember that the key element to fashion when in college – is anything but boring. It would help to cue in on the fashion trends when mapping out what to include in your closet but a few innovations here and there can make you survive freshman year and stand out in a crowd.

college fashion

You might have saved up a lot from your summer job and prepping a to-buy list as early as now; but before you spend it all, you must check out my list of top-fashion must-haves on college campus:

  • Flip-Flops – Pack on a fashionable pair of flip-flops that you would be using all the time while in the dorm. Choose one that is comfortable yet stylish enough that would get you prepared for day-to-day and even if you hit the pool or beaches for surprise parties.
  • “Little Black Dress” – Well, it shouldn’t necessarily be “black” but it’s an elegant and classic color that would go anywhere from a college dorm party or even when attending formal college function. Pack 2 to 3 dresses that would go from casual to formal. Choose colors too that would be flexible for day-time and night-time partying or attending college affairs that need you to dress up for the occasion. You can choose neutral tones like beige or black plus more fun colors like pinks or blues.
  • Walnut Wood Wayfarer Sunglasses – Never leave home without a pair or two of stylish Walnut Wood Wayfarer Sunglasses that are built to protect your eyes from extreme lighting and also to keep you looking stunning on campus. For only $25, you wouldn’t go wrong with this designer piece that is lightweight and classically designed, making sure all eyes are fixated on you.
  • “White Dress Shirt” – Yes, this is pretty traditional but an essential and classic addition on your wardrobe list. This fashion must-have can take your look from professional to basic in a single sweep. This would be your go-to attire for casual interviews or for going out shopping with your sorority girls. The options are limitless with this fashion piece. You can never go wrong with a white dress shirt that you can pair up with almost anything that you already have like denim shorts, pencil skirt, black dress pants, or khaki trousers.
  • Ballet Flats Ballet flats are a staple wear in college that you can pack on in different colors to suit your laid-back yet busy lifestyle that will keep you on the move without getting your feet sore and red from stilettos and what-not. Although yes a stiletto is worth a place too on your dorm, these cute ballet flats will be your feet buddy on a daily grind while keeping you pretty in rigmarole of wardrobe changes.

Needless to say, prepping your fashion essentials on college campus is just as stressful as applying for college. Where do you scour for top fashion advice? How much do you need to get started on that wardrobe makeover? Now, reality is you have limited space in your dorm room – so you’ve got to make each wardrobe piece count. Yes, eliminate the deadweights and snag the best pieces that speak more of your fashion sense rather than just following the crowd.

For more college fashion tips, check out the rest of our articles in our Fashion Advice column!

Why You Should Hire a History Major

Skills are said to pay the bills. Most employers choose to hire people based on skills and not just what their major is in college. Although quite a number of companies would actually seek manpower within a certain pool of skilled workers judging primarily on face value like the applicant’s major in college as well as the university they have graduated at.

Your undergraduate education is a training ground for the real world. It’s definitely a jungle out there – and you need to be a lion to survive it. That is the purpose of having a college education and you must choose your degree well to suit your skills and current job demands. You acquire transferable skills while in school and that is what your employer is expecting you to transfer on the job.

History majors have great career opportunities and are well-adept with a number of skills and qualities like writing and communication, analytical and problem solving, research, grammar and comprehension, ability to work alone or in a group, and independence with tasks; among others. More so, people with history degree are pretty flexible and can handle voluminous amounts of data for analysis.

These are exactly the skills that employers are looking for in the people they hire. Companies are mainly looking for potential goldmines or assets that will grow and benefit the company over the long haul.

Here are the top reasons why you should hire a history major:

  1. History majors are efficient storytellers. They create compelling narratives that will make you appreciate the present by looking back into real and relevant accounts of history.
  2. Students of history know how trends go in circles and in waves. Trends usually involve people, places, and events. These are essential elements at work and someone who knows the importance of time-stamped statistics will know how to forecast and even react on varied market or business trends.
  3. Have good research skills. They can obtain and analyze data in a consistent manner. They stop at nothing until they get the information they need.
  4. Knows how to logically handle arguments. They are challenged by arguments and react by presenting accurate reports, framing timely questions, doing rebuttals, and developing solutions.
  5. Detail-oriented. Puts importance on accuracy and consistency of data.
  6. Ability to develop effective and sound solutions. Can create timely and realistic solutions based on diverse sources, cultural and social significance, trends, time periods, and world views.
  7. Raw approach. Can provide a fresh take on recurring problems.
  8. Self-Starter. Highly-organized, dependable, and can create a system to analyze and interpret data.
  9. Curiosity doesn’t kill the cat this time around. History majors put curiosity and inject intuitiveness in research to benefit the company.
  10. Ability to disseminate or relate information using a clear and demonstrative language. Great with oral and written conversational skills that can win clients and bring more investments in.
  11. Can screen facts. When faced with vast amounts of data, History majors are able to efficiently weed out and determine what is relevant from what is not. They put emphasis on conciseness and coherence of information.
  12. Knows how to summarize in a breeze. Give them tons of information and they can give you a blow by blow account in a summarized form.
  13. They think long-term. When faced with lingering issues, History majors know how to create solutions that will be beneficial over the years and not just for a short period of time.
  14. Well-adjusted and adaptive. History majors are able to adapt to new trends and jargons common to your given niche or industry.
  15. In-depth knowledge on international relations. Lovers of history are knowledgeable on international relations and the diversity of culture and politics in different countries which will help businesses engaged in international trade.
  16. Able to identify vital data. They evaluate sources before using these on reports and nip the irrelevant sources and stick to facts.
  17. People-oriented. History majors are able to relate with diverse personality types that have come from different cultural mixes and historical backgrounds.
  18. Results-oriented. One quality that most companies look for in a successful candidate is one who is a go-getter and would deliver accurate and fast results right on the dot.
  19. Flexibility in handling tasks. Some people hate to read and understand content from thick historical books that could be very lengthy and time-consuming. One man’s trash is another’s treasure indeed because history majors are pretty flexible in doing tasks and would love to do jobs that other would avoid.
  20. Great memory retention. This could be a popular stereotype for history majors but is completely rational. Remembering chronological events, dates, names, and other details is quite typical of a history major. This is beneficial for people working in complex management systems that need a sharp and robust memory for day-to-day operations.

Hiring a history major is definitely the best decision you could make for your business. The above reasons solidify this claim as history majors are known to be creative, cognitive, and precise which are hireable and trainable traits. Most history majors possess that enthusiasm and passion for work that can spell a huge difference on making it big in any given industry.

Best Appliances for College Students

Summer is about to end which means you need to pack up and prepare for college. This is a time to break away and create your own identity – that’s what going away to college is for. More so, college is all about yanking the chains and focusing on the goal of getting the degree you want without sacrificing your desire for independence.

Packing for college needs a lot of preparation especially because this is practically the first time that you will be living independently or away from your parents and siblings. Sure enough, you’ll be going through a lot of adjustments and while this is something that you can get used to – you need to be ready for the college jungle with a complete survival kit and the tools that will help you cope with the challenges of college dorm life. Along with the basic things you need to pack, you would also need a number of small appliances that will help you get by on a daily grind.

Check out my list of the best appliances for college students:

  1. Cool Mist Humidifiers. Ward off the dry climate with the use of a cool mist humidifier. Choose an ultrasonic cool mist humidifier with Whisper-Quiet features that will ensure silent operation that won’t disturb your roommate. This will actually be beneficial to both you and your roommate because this will help keep the moisture levels on a healthy range to prevent infectious diseases from spreading as well as to keep allergies and respiratory illnesses at bay. Most dorms have small and tight spaces; compact humidifiers will certainly fit and mesh well with your existing furniture and other appliances. Its cool mist or vapor will help promote good and restful sleep so you will be energized for the next day when you go to school. Each cool mist humidifier has its own special features, make sure and research to find the best cool mist humidifier for your needs.
  2. Compact Refrigerator. Every college student regards the mini fridge as a necessity to bring in dorms because this provides a safe storage area for food and beverages to keep it fresh especially if you need to store meals that will be microwaved the next day. This prevents spoilage of food. Choose a fridge that has more compartments but is compact enough to fit in small spaces.
  3. Coffee Machine. This appliance is beneficial for students who are attending classes early in the morning or when burning the midnight oil when reviewing for exams. Check if there are coffee machines available in your dorm; although investing in your own coffee machine is far convenient than waiting for your turn to use a common or shared coffee machine.
  4. Having your own television set at your dorm room would be a great way to keep yourself in the loop of things or be in the knowhow of current events both on a local and national level. More so, watching TV would be a great form of entertainment and is both mentally and visually stimulating. This could however be a distraction to your studies when you are unable to control or manage TV viewing habits. You can watch your favorite TV shows, news, weather updates, and movies when you roll in a TV on your dorm room.
  5. Trust me, this is not a splurge – it’s a necessity. Whether you’re craving for popcorn on a weekend movie marathon or all-nighter with buddies or cooking lasagna – you will need a microwave as a cooking ally for quick meals on-the-go. Being away from college does not mean being away too from good old home-cooked meals. You can prepare hot, quick, and savory meals in a few minutes with a compact microwave that is a surefire must-have to survive dorm life with hearty sumptuous meals to get by.
  6. Steam Iron. While this could appear to be the most random and boring item on the list, this is absolutely a necessity for college students. You wouldn’t want to look sloppy on your first day of school or any day with a wrinkled tee. You will need this for making sure that your wardrobe is creaseless and presentable especially when you get to apply for an internship interview. You will need a professional image that’s flawless from the bottom up.

Moving away to go to college and staying in dorms should be an exciting part of the college adventure and not a mundane chore. View this as a rite of passage to adulthood. You get to have a smooth transition with the adjustments and all of being away from home with packing the necessities and the best appliances that you will need to get you all prepped up for the next level. Opt for compact or small appliances that won’t leave you shortchanged specifically in functionality and durability while blending seamlessly with the rest of your appliances in tow.

Best Things to Bring to the Dorms to Make Your Room the Popular Room

Your clamor for independence has a due date – and the calendar shows it’s just a matter of days. Going away to college kickstarts your transition to becoming a responsible young adult and it’s an entire new landscape to explore. You’ll discover then that college dorm life is entirely different from being next to your older brother’s bed or a corner away from mom’s bedroom.

Now, you’re playing on a bigger field with a whole different ballgame. While most people will tell you that dorm life is like living in a shoebox with an all-rounder emotional and mental contagion going on, you’ll discover that the whole rollercoaster ride is what will shape you into the man you want to be when you get to go out in the real jungle.

In college, you get to brand yourself and join packs that will bring out the best and even the craziest fiber in you. Don’t leave out the fun in college by getting the coolest stuff when you move in to your crib in the university. Here are the best things to bring to the dorms to make your room the popular room:

  1. Eraser Board Refrigerator. Offer unlimited soda in can to your guests with this mini fridge that also allows you to express yourself and personalize by doodling or writing messages right in front which you can erase outright. You can take note of school schedule reminders or right about anything you want. This is a very convenient and stylish way to keep your food fresh and beverages cold. Invite friends and serve ice-cold drinks while chilling or having a study group. It’s only about 3.2 cubic feet so it’s pretty lightweight and compact that it can easily fit right into your dorm room.
  2. Mini Coffee Maker. Serve hot coffee, hot chocolate, tea, or even iced beverages with this coffee brewer that you can prepare for under 2 minutes. This has a minimalist and compact design that is perfect for small spaces like dorms. You can now serve hot or cold drinks whenever you feel like – and this a great conversation-starter too. The smell of aromatic coffee will certainly jumpstart your mornings while prepping for school.
  3. Foosball Table. It’s time to unwind and de-stress after a long hurdle at school with a good game of foosball right at your dorm room. This is a great activity that will build rapport and also promote exercise and relaxation without the need to go out of the campus. You can check out foosball table review guides to get a feel of the best foosball table that will fit your space and budget considerations.
  4. Beer Kegerator. It’s a perfect device to keep your beer chilled and fresh for room parties or chilling on a weekend. This is a cool addition to your dorm room that is designed to complete your mini bar. Keep your beer choices diverse and interesting.
  5. Video Game Consoles. Nothing beats a rowdy game of the Xbox One or Playstation 4 played right at your dorm room. This is a fun diversion to get your adrenaline and testosterone pumping while enjoying the whole game innuendo with your roommate or while hanging out with buddies after school. This is a great match with beers from your keg and a mouthwatering box of pizza.
  6. Noise Canceling Headphones. This definitely comes handy when you are reviewing or studying for a class. When sharing a room, there are times when your roommate would be doing something loud and you happen to have an exam the next day. It would be inconvenient to just leave at this point; so this type of headphone can drown out the noise and allow you to concentrate on studying without being rude.

College dorm life is a time to meet new people and socialize. More than anything else, it’s that phase in your life wherein you get to break away from your shell one piece at a time and yet emerge a better and more equipped individual – that’s what college is about and a whole lot more in between. Yes, it’s a complicated maze but you get to figure things out your way and at your own pace. With the coolest stuff right in your dorm, it’s almost impossible not to be popular. Get ready for your freshman year by packing the essentials and also the coolest gadgets and appliances that will make your college dorm stay a blast.

The Importance of Good Campus Security for Colleges

Campus safety and security is one determining factor for every parent when choosing the right university for their children. Campuses are evolving with time just as new populations from different cultural background and personalities come in which also shape campus security protocols for every school. Campus security has become very strict now more than ever especially with the increase in crime and violence in schools in which perpetrators are most often students of that same university.

Security officers have now become more proactive than just reactive when it comes to imposing security measure in campuses. The installation of security cameras and proper security guard equipment and gear everywhere and random checks on students and premises has become an integral part of ensuring a safe environment for students to learn and grow as individuals and not end up as victims of vicious crime and violence in campuses. Security protocols have made dramatic and necessary shifts over the years to combat and deter crime working in collaboration with school administrators, professors, and students and not just security enforcers who work behind the scenes.

Here are the important facets of having a good campus security in colleges which aims to stop the following from happening:


This is one of the most abuses done on stealth mode by perpetrators on campus. Most often than not, victims would rather sulk and hide the abuses rather than speak about it with their teachers, parents, or even security officers. Bullying could be triggered by cultural or even gender differences at campuses which could results to hazardous threats, intimidation, physical assaults, and verbal abuse which can torment a student and even prevent him or her from attending classes on a regular basis. A security must be able to detect and check on the signs of abuses, deter crime, record and report incident, and refer the victims for professional help.

Rape or Sexual Violence

A number of sexual predators also lie in waiting for their next victims in campuses. Security officers are trained to raise awareness and handle interpersonal abuse or related crimes such as sexual violence in universities. The Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act (SaVE) is a Clery Act that requires campuses to be more alert, inquisitive, and collaborative with creating transparency to be able to identify, deter, and report incident of this horrid nature right away.


Shooting incidences in campuses have become a very alarming reality especially because it is highly publicized on media. Security measures are put in place to prepare for such incidences and to prevent such from ever happening in schools. Crisis planning is the key to implementing effective strategies during shooting or even hostage scenarios done in school where there is a danger to life or limb. A incident response plan must be in place which is includes strategic and operational responses to be able to contain and control the situation and brief students too on how to protect themselves and ensure survival in this dangerous scenarios.

Hiring top-of-the-line security officers is an important part of getting the job done. They are considered the first line of defense against criminals lurking in campuses. The right security personnel must have the proper attitude, mindset, and skills that can adapt well to the culture and demographics of a campus. College campuses need security officers who are committed to their work and can maintain a hospitable, professional, and proactive approach towards security. Hiring the right fit is one part of the job, training of security enforcers is crucial to get executions right on the dot. Security officers today are able to juggle different hats being a customer service officer, ambassador, and responder all at the same time – with campus security being on the top list.

Why is it Good to Have an Invisible Dog Fence for Your Frat House?

While contemplating on what course to take up in college, a lot of incoming freshmen are also thinking on whether to join the Greek life – or not. Having a fraternity or joining a brotherhood is said to be part and parcel of socialization once you start college. Living in a frat house certainly is an appealing option but you must be up and ready for what to expect in a frat house.

It will certainly be jam-packed with testosterone as you squeeze in with around 20 to 100 brothers in a frat house. Greek life means a lot of parties and strengthened connections among brothers. If you like it private and quite, the frat house option may not be for you. It costs around $200 to $800 to live in a frat house with in-house chefs to serve meals.

Having a Frat hound is an important part of tradition in living the Greek life. He is likened to the Frat mascot and represents the idealism and personality of a fraternity. Most often, the preferred breeds are that of the Great Dane, Labrador, and German Shepherd – one may be fun and social while the other is rough and athletic. Installing an invisible dog fence is an important part of safeguarding your pets and being a responsible dog owner. A receiver collar is placed around the neck of your dog and once it gets too close to restricted boundaries, the collar beeps. Whenever your dog ignores the beep, it receives a static correction which irks them to move away from the wireless fence. Check out the benefits of installing an invisible dog fence for your frat house:

  • Cheaper option than a traditional fence. A wireless or invisible dog fence usually costs around $500 or even less at DIY shops. This is cheaper as compared to regular fences that would cost thousands of dollars to install.
  • Reliable containment for your frat hound. Traditional fences won’t contain your dogs as they can bite into it, jump over it, or even dig under it. Dogs have their uncanny ways of getting past restricted boundaries; but your frat hound can’t do that with a wireless fence.
  • Flexible to use on any landscape. This is very easy and practical to install even in odd landscapes like under water or even in rocky terrains.
  • No need for leashes or chains. You do not need to fasten a leash on your dog. This allows your frat hound the freedom to roam the frat grounds while also providing a protective barrier or invisible containment.
  • Portable. This can be installed and brought right about anywhere. You can use this especially when you and the rest of the brotherhood has to travel with a dog in tow.

Installing an invisible dog fence for your frat hound certainly serves its protective and aesthetic purpose as well. Wireless fences won’t block your view like a traditional fence while also safeguarding the premises and your dog. The only challenge with wireless fences is that it requires some training for your dog to understand limitations and be able to respect boundaries set on the frat grounds. To make sure you get the best invisible dog fence for frat house, make sure and check out online review sites.

4 Tips for Buying a House

The crunch is on for house hunting. Like every hunting expedition, shopping for your new home needs to get the right gameplan in place. Most first time buyers feel a mix of excitement and apprehension when deciding on their dream home because of the financial complications that comes with it. Don’t let realty jargons intimidate you. A few tricks of the real estate trade will come handy in getting your geek on. Check out these 4 tips for buying a house and getting more value for your money:

  • Think long term. Don’t buy a house based mainly on your emotions or gut feel. You also have to think and decide like a skilled investor would. Don’t try to time your purchase decisions with a highly volatile market because you never could. Once you find your dream home – go for it. Don’t be pressured to purchase a home just because everyone else is buying one. Also, a big house does not always mean it’s a goldmine. Always think long term and not just for what feels good today or a spur of the moment.
  • Don’t jump to the bait. Even though it might be tempting to go for the maximum loan amount – don’t do it. Some lenders or even realtors may suggest or recommend that you go max but choose to stick to the plan. You have to inquire how much you can actually borrow before you go forward with hunting for homes. You need to set realistic goals and check whether you can really afford your chosen property. Shop for homes that are within your budget or else you could end up in a financial rut.
  • Get a good credit score. Buying a home is considerably one of the biggest decisions you will make in your lifetime – you have to make it right by starting with a good credit score. In order to qualify for financing, you need to have a good credit reputation. Basically, the higher your credit score is, the lower the monthly repayments. A good credit score would generally start from around 640 to 670 and nothing below that line. You get the best mortgage rates if you happen to have a credit score of at least 750 and up.
  • Save money for the downpayment and closing sale. Avoid living paycheck to paycheck and start saving today for your dream home. You must be able to save up at least 3 months’ worth of mortgage payment so you avoid any default in payments. In addition, you must also save for the upkeep of your new home like for maintenance and repairs that can disrupt your budget.
  • Get home inspection. This may be optional but is completely necessary before buying a home. You must have a professional home inspector to inspect your dream home to see if it’s worth the price. This serves as a contingency that will allow you flexibility in purchase offer depending on how put together your home is. A home inspector would check on the exterior and interior components of your home to see if there are damaged parts that need immediate repair or replacement. The home inspector would then provide a report and recommend a particular routine maintenance to be done on your home.

Your home is likened to an alter-ego. It’s not just a roof above you head as it also is a representation of your ideals and visions for your family. It is important to make a preflight checklist for buying a new home. The above tips would come handy for anyone who needs some direction in accomplishing a dream home project.

Why History Majors are the Best

Gone are the days that History majors would be dubbed as boring or bunk. There are a ton of myths surrounding the study of History but recent studies have shown that it is actually taken up mostly by students who have the highest acumen. History is in fact dubbed to be the “King of Undergraduate Studies”. More so, History majors are donned to be the brilliant breed and the coolest at that.

Studies have shown that your major can actually be predictive of your intelligence – and History majors are classified amongst the smartest. It may not be the most popular option but maybe not everyone can really keep up with the clever pace it requires.

Check out the factors that make History majors the best breed:

  • Versatility in career choices. “Those who can’t do – teach.” Not History majors though. The most common misconception about History majors is that their only option is to teach but a lot of history majors have been very successful with diverse careers for history majors. They actually have the most career options because of their experience and exposure to the teachings of History. 1This is a very versatile major because it is both a science and an art which deals with society, human behavior, economics, science, languages, and arts; which sums up every known course in a university. In fact, a recent study conducted by Vanderbilt, shows that around 30% of History majors are in the business sector. This course is also a solid preparatory for Law school as well as in media, publishing, and corporate sectors.
  • Not just the typical “Liberal Arts”. First off, there is nothing wrong with taking up Liberal Arts as a major. This teaches you life skills that you can use in the real world. It trains you in the cognitive levels to make analysis, research, do problem solving, empathize, and communicate. More so, Liberal Arts majors have also increasingly outperformed contemporaries from business, engineering, and other more so-called practical courses.
  • Well-rounded individuals. History majors are well-respected because they have come to understand and grasp a holistic knowledge of the world in different times. This is said to be a suitable stepping stone if you want to go into politics, law, business, journalism, social services; and the like.

There is a preconceived notion and expectation for History majors and that is very challenging to live by. They are considered smart and an all-rounder or that which is eloquent and can carry out conversations like a charm and be able to tell fascinating stories in writing. History majors are the best because they have that innate ability to captivate, stimulate, and even intimidate without even knowing it or trying to. They are not into cheap talk or hard-selling of what they are capable of.

History majors are learned, exude confidence, and are extremely versatile in their chosen industries. The society definitely needs History majors who are in the know of how the society has evolved from then and now and are willing to repeat history or innovate when necessary.